Medication Management in Fremont, OH

mountainsA veteran clinical psychologist in Fremont, OH, Dr. Barnes welcomes individuals of all types, regardless of the struggles they’re facing. She specializes in therapy and counseling, clinical psychology, and behavioral health and social services.Dr. Barnes is the only area’s outpatient psychiatric nurse practitioner capable of assisting with mental health medication management and diagnostic testing.

Addiction Counseling

As a prescriber of psychiatric nursing medication, Dr. Barnes is able to supplement the healing power of therapy with psychotropic medication management in Fremont, OH. If your condition is the result of chemical imbalances in the brain or adverse stimulation, Dr. Barnes can prescribe the right medication and ensure you’re getting the correct dosage.

Diagnostic Evaluation Testing

Knowing the full extent of the struggle you’re facing can help you better fight to overcome it. We offer psychological evaluations and diagnostic testing to classify and clarify your condition. This includes addiction testing, court evaluations, neuropsychological testing and more. Our goal is to help you know exactly what you’re dealing with.

Therapy and Counseling

Through a wide range of counseling abilities, we help you address the specific condition or situation that’s causing you struggle. Our scope of abilities includes:

  • Family therapy:
    For families suffering friction—whether due to a clash of personalities or a recent family trauma—we’re here to help. We’ll make every voice heard and understood, to bring you all closer together.
  • Sexual abuse counseling:
    Sexual abuse leaves a lasting, devastating mark on a person. We’ll help you face your trauma, overcome it and learn how to take back control over your life, so you can put it all behind you.
  • Child/adolescent therapy:
    We specialize in child therapy, helping kids address behavioral and emotional disorders early on. We teach them how to recognize and cope with their feelings in a positive, productive way.
  • Marriage/couples counseling:
    If your marriage is suffering because of issues with monogamy or other tensions, let us help you bring them to the forefront and address them, so your marriage can go on in a healthier way.
  • Addiction counseling:
    Addiction takes many forms. If you’re suffering from sexual addiction, alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling or other vices, schedule an appointment with us to face and overcome them.
  • Individual therapy:
    We offer therapies for all different types of mood disorders, including depression and anxiety, to help individuals get control and lead happy, productive lives.

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